Greetings from NH.

The Post and Beam Living blog’s main purpose is to address all the great questions we hear from you, our readers, about how to design, decorate, and essentially live life to the fullest in a post and beam home. These unique homes are so beautiful to live in and like any building project, can be rather daunting to design if you are not prepared. It should be fun after all!

Post and Beam Living is written and maintained by Holly, a post and beam skeptic-turned-enthusiast who is now living what she calls “The Post and Beam Dream”.  Read her hilarious first blog post here. Holly regularly consults with interior designers, gardeners, builders and her close friends at various post and beam living build companies to bring you fun posts about designing, decorating and living in your own post and beam dream.

Many of these companies have been designing and building homes all over the country as well as in far-flung Europe and Australia, so Holly is able to bring their useful tips right to you, from “Designing for Green Living to “How to design a barn-style home” all the way to “How in the world are we going to fit Great Aunt Ellen’s dining table in the new house!

Each family’s requirements are unique when it comes to designing a dream home.  At Post and Beam Living, Holly and her friends first hand experiences give you practical advice, and hopefully provide a few laughs and insights, along the way.